The Big Interdisciplinary Archaeological Database: BIAD

COREX has developed a new integrated archaeological database, BIAD (Big Interdisciplinary Archaeological Database), with the potential to revolutionize future archaeological research.

BIAD is a constantly growing decentralized relational archaeological database. Its geographic scope is currently predominantly Europe; however, it continues to expand beyond this, and will become global. The database is designed to be able to integrate all types of archaeological data within a single unified structure, including strontium isotope analyses, archaeobotanical and zooarchaeological data, contextual information, mortuary data, mappings to associated ancient DNA.

One of the major goals is the BIAD to become independent and serve as an open access source for future research, by providing three tiers of access and privacy. Data can initially be stored in a private tier, ensuring it is only accessible to a specific project. A shared tier gives users reciprocated access to other projects’ shared data, with associated co-authorship if used in a publication. Finally, data matures to become public access, after a substantial embargo period. This will be the first of its kind in archaeology. BIAD is already extending beyond COREX, with new data being provided by several independent projects. The BIADwiki website provides a front-end user guide for all aspects of using BIAD.